Testimonials on Hypnotherapy with Marygrace and Michael

"I have changed from being a negative person to one who now knows that I can achieve whatever I want to. It was only the lack of belief and trust in myself, which held me back. Hypnotheraphy has enabled me to achieve my full potential and achieve what I once thought was unobtainable". (EK, Essex).

"A quick note to thank you for our session on Friday – it was great to meet you and I found your method and style immensely relaxing and rewarding. I/we would very much like to s ee you again. Many thanks, I've been practising the technique each night…..and have just this moment had my first go during the day, which has given me the chance to practice the emerging bit. It feels so refreshing - like having a power nap..." (KW, North London).

"Since our session at Christmas we have not eaten in a fast food restaurant (except to get a diet coke). Thanks again. We 99th feel so much better". (PU and SU, Wisconsin).

"Thank you for making me a happier person. My work is so much less stressful and it has changed my whole outlook on my career". (JB, London).

Marygrace Anderson 07931 547414
Michael Gorbell 07952 493512