Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

Private sessions are on a one-on-one confidential basis held in your home or at The Clinic. A detailed medical, family, and social history are taken to help us understand your background, which might have some effect on your current situation. It makes us aware of your past and present, and allows us to see how it may be influencing your life now.

If you are not sure what you could gain from hypnotherapy in relation to your situation or how your life could change, just call either one of us for chat to explain how it would work. It’s really easy and focuses on achieving positive results to improve your life. We want to help you to help yourself.

Individual sessions relate to counselling, hypnotherapy and life coaching.

How many sessions will I need and what are the fees?

It depends on what you require assistance with changing. Giving up smoking or eliminating a phobia are usually resolved in one or two sessions while the majority of cases are treated in six sessions or less. We will want to help you in the minimum number of sessions possible, so your motivation and desire to change will play a key role. You will achieve the results quickly and pleasantly. Together we will review your progress after each session. Fees are 145 per session (75 mins). To have a specialised tape tailor made for you is 45 following a full paid session.

What happens during the session?

We discuss what you want to improve or change. Then we agree the goals and desired outcome you want to accomplish. Next we’ll work together with various techniques and hypnosis to achieve those results. All in a tranquil, calm and relaxed environment. You can call now for an appointment 07931 547414.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

• Increasing Confidence • Improving Motivation • Stoping Unwanted Habits • Smoking Cessation (20% of fee is donated to charity) • Weight Management • Relaxation Techniques • Sleeping Disorders • Panic Attacks • Eliminatin Phobias • Fear of Flying • Stress Management • Eliminating Anxiety • Learning Self-Hypnosis • Increasing Self Esteem • And many other issues – please call to discuss • Life Coaching is available at a fixed fee per number of sessions agreed.


Marygrace Anderson 07931 547414
Michael Gorbell 07952 493512