Hypnotherapy - Group & Corporate training

Employers and employees are now conscious of the importance of being pro-active and maintaining the health of their staff. Group sessions are a cost-effective way of helping 99th parties achieve this goal. We know the most common condition is STRESS; causing a wide variety of issues. Stress can lead to a whole range of mental and physical problems if not treated. We can help reduce stress with various relaxation and empowering (self-motivation) techniques, which can be done during, and repeated after, the session at the person’s will.

No matter the size of the company, the employee is still the most valuable asset. There are budgets for employee training and welfare programmes, which are not covered by insurance. This includes assistance with smoking cessation, stress management, emotional conditions, public speaking, goal setting, motivation and team building.

The benefits of group sessions:

Group sessions are cost effective. Fees can be negotiated depending on number attending (minimum 5 to 500 persons).

Group sessions are flexible. They can be held at your premises during or after working hours.

Group sessions are still “personalised” and the result will be based on the person’s individual empowering life experiences of success. It is a relaxing yet energising experience.

Group sessions are team building. Everyone is in the same situation and can enjoy the experience as if they are getting a one-on-one session.

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