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Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Hypnotherapy is also offered from Drakefield Homeopathy at 39 Dryburgh Road by:

Marygrace Anderson 07931 547414
Michael Gorbell 07952 493512

Certified Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists DCH, DHP, AICH, NCH, GHR Reg
Homeopathy follows the laws of natural healing

Marygrace became interested in helping others with hypnosis after experiencing first hand how incredible and effective it can be with smoking cessation. She decided to master the technique to assist others in improving their own lives.

Michael experienced how incredible and effective hypnotherapy can be with improving motivation and achieving goals and ambitions. He loves inspiring others as well.

99th are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and members of the AICH, National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH) and General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that uses hypnosis to alter the way you feel or change aspects of your life that need improving.

Hypnosis is a natural condition, which we experience every day of our lives, like day dreaming. We drift in and out of a hypnotic state all day long without being aware of it. Under hypnosis, we are capable of making amazing changes to our thinking patterns and unlocking unlimited potential to improve and transform our lives.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis – meaning you are in control at all times. A hypnotherapist guides and empowers the client throughout the hypnotic process. This is a focused state of relaxation, in which the subconscious mind can achieve incredible transformations for beneficial purposes.

The incredible commitment generated between hypnotherapist and client working together, creates positive and therapeutic changes which can alter a person's life permanently. We will focus on the SOLUTION, not the problem.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

Increase Confidence and Self Esteem

Improve Motivation

Weight Management

Smoking Cessation (20% of fee is donated to charity)

Relaxation Techniques and Self-Hypnosis

Manage Stress and Eliminate Anxiety

Eliminate Phobias and Panic Attacks

Stop Unwanted Habits

Sleeping Disorders

Many other issues covered – please call 07931 547414 to discuss