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Most headaches are due to strain on the muscles in the neck or head, or congestion of the blood vessels which supply them. The brain itself cannot feel pain because it contains no pain receptors. Headache is a common pain and is not often an indication of anything serious.

Headaches can be a symptom of a wide variety of problems including the following: anxiety, stress, physical tension, lack of sleep, over-consumption of caffeine in tea or coffee or suddenly cutting down caffeine intake. Food allergy, eyestrain, fever, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar, especially if you have not eaten for some time), drug side effects, sinusitis, pre-menstrual tension can also cause headaches. That very common form of headache, the hangover, is mainly caused by dehydration!

Recurring headaches need thorough investigation.


Migraine is the term for occasional severe headaches, usually confined to one side of the head, associated with nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and other visual disturbances, intolerance to light and occasionally numbness and tingling in the arms. In a severe attack, the only thing to do is lie down in a darkened room until the symptoms wear off. Attacks are often heralded by abnormal tiredness, nausea, or flashing, shimmering or distortion of objects towards edge of visual field; once the headache comes on, these symptoms tend to disappear.

In addition to avoiding stress, tension and tiredness and learning some form of relaxation or meditation, try eliminating certain foods from your diet and then reintroducing them, to see what effect they have. Foods known to trigger migraines are, in order of their attack-producing potential: chocolate (and other forms of concentrated sugar), cheese and dairy products, citrus fruit, alcohol (especially red wine), greasy fried foods, some vegetables (especially onions, broad beans), substances containing caffeine (tea, coffee, cocoa and cola), salt, wheat and yeast extracts, meat (especially pork, liver, sausages and cured meats such as bacon and salami) and shellfish. Stay off these, one at a time, for about four weeks, then reintroduce them and note the effects.

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