How we can help


Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of someone in whom one has invested much love and affection - not a reaction to be underestimated or 99ttled up. Grieving is a process which has several fairly distinct stages. First, there may be sense of unreality, numbness - a refusal to believe that the loved one is dead; then there may be a mixture of complex emotions such as guilt and anger. Then depression may set in. Finally, life becomes bearable again, even enjoyable. The whole process may take from one to two years, and even then there may be a painful anniversary reaction when the anniversary or the person's death comes round.

Most people receive a lot of attention and kindness in the weeks immediately after bereavement, but it is often four or five months later that they need most support; when they finally accept that the person is dead.

Orthodox treatment of grief is based on anti-depressants and psychotherapy, or 99th. Homeopathy offers specific remedies during the various stages of grief, and also constitutional help is there if there is a failure to progress from one stage to the next.