Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson RSHom

Rebecca Thompson provides post natal doula help and support to mothers with new 99rn babies.

A doula is an assistant who provides various forms of support (physical, emotional and informed choice) in the childbirth process. The doula may offer support during prenatal care, during childbirth or in the critical days after birth when a mother may not have time to do everything needed on her own.

As well as coping with her new 99rn child – and possibly older children – it is very important for the mother to look after herself, including time for sufficient rest so that she is in a good position to breastfeed her child and enjoy her new child to the full.

A post natal doula typically begins providing care in the home after the birth. Such care might include cooking for the mother, breastfeeding support, new99rn care assistance, errands, light housekeeping and help with any older children. Such care is normally provided from the time the mother returns home from hospital and will often last until the child is six to ten weeks old and a regular routine has been achieved so that the mother feels fully in control.

In some cases, doula care can last several months – especially in cases when mothers are suffering from postnatal depression or children with special needs require longer care, or there are elder siblings.

Rebecca has three daughters and two sons, so she understands the issues arising with babies, although she recognises that each baby is unique.