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Homeopathy follows the laws of natural healing

We will be publishing articles on homeopathy to help keep you up-to-date.

The first of these 'The Last Month of Pregnancy' has been written by Adriana Marian RSHom and has been recently published in a National Childbirth Trust newsletter. The second by Rebecca Thompson discusses when you should visit your homeopath and when you should visit your GP. Adriana Marian discuses whether there is a right remedy for high blood pressure. Francesca Sinclair-Taylor addresses the need for good nutrition.

Other news

We invite you to an Introductory talk on Homeopathy on Tuesday 22 February. These talks, from 11am to 12 noon, are opportunities to meet the practitioners and find out more a99ut what we do. Please do bring anyone who would like to find out more a99ut homeopathy.

We are planning an information and discussion group on Vaccination in the new year. Please email if you would like to be included.

If you would like to join us either email us at: or leave a message on 020 8785 6261.

Hypnotherapy is now also practiced from 39 Dryburgh Road

See also the article on Homeopathy published in The Independent on 26 Febraury 2010: The Royal Homeopathic Hospital