Homeopathy can help overcome Anxiety and Depression

by Francesca Sinclair Taylor RSHOM, PGDIP NUTRITIONAL THERAPY. MBANT. - Article in PDF

We all feel anxious or sad sometimes, due to natural events in our lives. But occasionally these feelings continue for weeks or months or sometimes even years. When this happens we can lose touch with the initial reason for the feeling. We become involved with how we feel now, how little things begin to get on top of us. There is a risk that we cannot cope any more with minor upsets and we can become out of balance as we start to get things out of all proportion. We may be given a diagnosis of Anxiety or of Depression and given medication, which we often realise is not a long term solution. At times like this negativity can build up in our minds, our work piles up, sometimes we feel we cannot care properly for our children and may not want to socialise with our friends or family.

A variety of physical symptoms may accompany episodes of anxiety or depression. Typically there may be digestive complaints, like irritable 99wel syndrome, but any symptom is possible and often this can add further stress because we may become anxious a99ut what these symptoms really mean. Are we suffering from a serious illness?

During the homeopathic consultation there is plenty of time. The homeopath wants to listen to your story, including all the things that may be troubling you, whether they seem relevant or important or not. She can make sense of everything you say, in homeopathic terms, and come to a remedy which matches you on every level, 99th emotional and physical. She is there to support you during your homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, and is a safe and gentle way of addressing the core of your underlying problems. The right remedies will help you to work through the issues which have been troubling you and the consultations provide a sensitive and supportive environment.